Are there any Flickr Fans left?

Thursday, August 03, 2017
In addition to the big blogging question, I have also been questioning my presence on both Instagram and Flickr. When I noticed that Instagram no longer allows cross-posting directly to Flickr (apparently this happened months ago), I decided to visit my Flickr page. To be honest, I rarely go there and it seems that most of my friends haven't been either. When I asked on Facebook who still uses the site, the response was an overwhelming "not for a long time". Most people I know who used to be active on Flickr have essentially given up on it and moved to Instagram.
There was a brief discussion on FB with Robyn, who blogs at Musings of the Edmonton Tourist, about her personal photography strategy which set me off thinking about what photos I want to share, with whom, and in what way. I followed that up with a lunch with Michael today to discuss his views on photo sharing and storage. FYI, he's the one friend who seems to STILL use Flickr regularly. After weighing the pros and cons of Instagram, FB and Flickr (along with Google Photos, external hard drives, etc) over some McNuggets and fries, I think I have landed on a first phase photo strategy.

Despite my original thoughts of ditching it, I'm going to keep Flickr for now and give it another go. It will be used as my main page for photo storage and sharing - mostly travel pics and times when I go out to specifically take photographs (like the recent trip to Elk Island National Park). Also, Michael figured out how to post to Instagram, Twitter and FB today from Flickr (bonus!). My Instagram page will be used for more of my day-to-day photos and select photos from trips and photography excursions. I will still post pics to FB as well but doubt I'll be uploading an entire album to share. Instead, I'll likely share a couple of photos and then a link to Flickr should anyone want to view more.

Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts and experiences. The more info I get, the better decision I'll make.


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