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Saturday, August 05, 2017
Last night, Mommikins and I made our annual excursion to watch the Edmonton Eskimos play a little football. We usually try to take in one game in person each year; usually we both prefer to watch on television thanks to the commentary, close ups and replays. However, there's something special about watching a major league sporting event up close and personal. And we were CLOSE! Someone must have given up their season tickets because we managed to get tickets in the third row! That's three rows between us and the field. Where the players are! Unfortunately for me, it happened to be the Hamilton Ti-Cats bench we were right behind but we were close enough to hear them mouthing off to the Eskimos and some of the banter back and forth on the bench. The Eskimos were victorious and remain (fingers crossed; knock on wood) undefeated so far this year while the Ti-Cats have yet to win a game.
Great to share a passion for sports with Mommikins. We're going to see a second game later this season when her favourite, the Toronto Argonauts come to town for one of our last home games. It remains to be seen whether we'll be wearing parkas or shorts at game time.

The only two downsides to last night's game (yes TWO) was the woman beside us who REEKED of cheap perfume. Why oh why do some women bathe themselves in scent? And the guy behind us who coughed constantly throughout the game. It wasn't a regular "I have a cold" cough but rather one loud, head rattling hack every few minutes that made my eyeballs hurt.

Let's go ESKIMOS!


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