Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Its that time of year again - Edmonton Marathon weekend! Actually it was this past weekend but I'm late posting about so pfffftttt to you. On the Saturday, I kept with what's becoming an annual tradition and volunteered to help with some of the pre-race set up; this year it was "medal prep". For those not in the know, each medal (over 4000!) are wrapped individually and have to be unpacked from their various layers and then hung on hooks so volunteers can quickly grab a handful to pass out as runners, walkers and wheelchair participants fly across the finish line.
I had originally signed up to walk the 5K this year (post race last year I thought I might try to run it again...ha!) but when Mommikins and I looked at the start times, her 10K race began three full hours before mine did! She would start, finish and get home before I set up on the start line. So, blinded by the beautiful ribbon colour of this year's 10K medals, I switched my registration to the ten. It should be noted that this is two days before the race, I have done NO training this summer and I started up with my physio exercises to counteract my runners-knee the same day. I don't recommend my plan of attack.

While I was unwrapping medals in front of the Shaw Conference Centre, I heard someone calling my name. Turned out a friend who lives nearby happened to be returning home from the downtown farmer's market and saw me! Long story short, I somehow managed to convince her to sign up to run the race with the rest of us the next day. 

So proud of Mommikins who beat her time from last year, shaving off about six minutes. My lack of training and prep work showed in my results and the condition of my knees. At the turnaround point, my knees began scraping against bone (or so it feels) and everything below the knee tightened up. I was passed by a woman who was about 8 months pregnant and looked like she was out for a Sunday stroll. I came in just over two hours which is about the same time it took me to do the Moose is Loose train run last year when both my knees and hips decided to rebel against me. I can't complain about my time (FYI, I finished dead last for 10K walkers! Yeah baby!) as I'm normally slow anyways and its my own fault for not taking care of my feet and knees well in advance. Will definitely do better next time... 

... anyone want to join us for 2018?!


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