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Wednesday, August 02, 2017
A couple of weeks ago, I finally purchased a new lens for my camera (Canon Rebel T3) - an 18-250mm Tamron. After six years, my friend Michael can finally stop bitching and complaining that I have something other than the stock lens my camera originally came with. For those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you'll know that we went out to Elk Island National Park this past weekend to test it out and see if we can spot any bison. The answer is yes.

Most of the time, I keep everything on automatic and just change the setting (landscape, sport, portrait ...) depending on what I'm doing. The result is that I often have to adjust the colours, sharpen the image, adjust the saturation, etc once I have the images downloaded. While I've got the basics down and have picked up a few tips from Michael and a great photographer I met when I was in Hawaii earlier this year, De-Jay Hanssen, I'm very much a photography novice. Occasionally I luck out and get a nice shot but I could certainly improve. 
Lake Astotin, Elk Island National park
Still planning on taking a basic photography course one of these days to increase my skills but it will have to wait until after my trip to Spain in the spring. Every spare nickel now has to go towards saving up! I guess that means, I'll have to take advantage of the knowledge around me and plan a few more trips to other beautiful shots near our city!


Eugene K said...

At our local park we see lots of birders with fancy-pants lenses on their cameras. I suppose I'm secretly jealous, not just that they have the beautiful equipment but that they know how to use it. I'm ok at framing a picture, deciding what should be in it and so on, but as soon as people use photography words like aperture and f-stop, my brain shuts off. I use a little point and shoot camera with a good optical zoom. For pictures of my garden and birds in the back yard, it does ok. For some drawing in bigger distances, it's not so great.

Karen said...

Ditto Eugene, my friend Michael has tried to explain aperture and F-stop on numerous occasions and my eyes just start to glaze over. I should pay more attention to what he's telling me but my brain won't have any of it. :)

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