The Future of Blogging?

Tuesday, August 01, 2017
I haven't blogged since March. Ugh.

What's keeping me from writing? The lack of feeling as if I have anything to say for a start. Looking back through my previous posts, its been 11 years (June 27, 2006) since I started this portion of my blogging life (when I was hugely into hockey) and I had a different blog prior to that for at least a year or two. It makes me sad in a way to look back at how often I would write and about the wide variety of topics. I had opinions and wasn't afraid to express them, even if I knew I'd get blowback from some folks. There were movie reviews, book reviews and interviews. What happened to me?
My good friend Allyson who blogs over at Wandering Coyote asked on Facebook recently if anyone blogs anymore (specifically "Is food blogging still worth it"). There was a good deal of discussion in response to her question - basically yes blogging is still a "thing" although I would argue that general content blogging (e.g. using your blog like a type of diary, like me) has dropped off considerably. Specialized content (food blogs, running /exercise/healthy living blogs, fashion blogs, etc) seem to me to be more the norm when it comes to consistent blogging activity. For me, the question of whether to blog or not, and whether anyone would read it if you did, boils down to (1) if it makes you happy, do it; and (2) stop caring about the number of visits you get or comments you receive.

Another friend, Eugene from 27th Street, blogs more than any one else in my small circle. He writes about his local community, art and music. It was his comment that summed it all up better than I have above: "I guess it depends on what kind of value you put on the activity and what you expect from it." Barbara, our favourite Bad Tempered Zombie, wrote: "It's worth it if you enjoy doing it."
I miss blogging, something I know I've said before, so I'm going to give it one more go. Allyson's harmless question has restarted my blogging engine. No clue as to what direction it will take or if it will stick this time around. Likely it will remain a hodge-podge of moments from my life, complaints about random frustrations and overall silliness. My reply to Allyson's question was that I had been considering giving up my domain name and letting the blog go. However, her post kept popping up in my thoughts and making me evaluate what I really wanted. Do I want to let go of this sometimes rambling insight into the last 11 years of my life? Do I want someone else to scoop up the minute it becomes available again and claim it as their own? The answer to both was NO. 

There will be some modifications to the look of the blog - still loving the simple clean template but I'll be updating the links and info on the sides and the bar at the top to reflect where I am and what's important in my life. Previous posts won't be deleted like Anthony Scaramucci's tweets; who knows if I'll still be blogging 11 days after I start... Whammo! Current events political reference.

I'm a nerd.
So, there you go. I hope you stay tuned and enjoy the ride.


Eugene K said...

I like your blog, and as a bonus for stumbling on it many years ago, I got to make a friend. I think it's hard to sustain anything over a long period of time. For me, I can't stop doing creative things, whether it be painting or making mosaics or playing music or writing stories or blogging. I think it's in my DNA. There have been times when I've been frustrated over not receiving many comments and so on but in the end, I'm happy to have a space to express myself about whatever interests me, with no rules other than those I impose upon myself. My audience may be small, but it's been loyal and I appreciate that.

Looking forward to following the future of London's Fog!

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