The Joys of Car Ownership

Wednesday, August 09, 2017
Earlier this week, I received an email from the dealership where we purchased the Baby Clown Car, letting me know it was time for the first "scheduled maintenance". Having only had my vehicle for six months, I couldn't imagine what on earth I would need to bring my car in for. Turns out, it was for an oil change. Knowing I had minimal KMs on my odometer, I questioned the dealership and called my Dad to get his opinion. Turns out, the manufacturer recommends an oil change every six months or 6000 KMs, whichever comes first.
My Dad confirmed I should probably get this first oil change and check up since its a new car and I don't want them saying I didn't keep up with the maintenance, thereby screwing up my warranty. So, off I went first thing yesterday morning and drove into the service bay.

The technician came out to get the keys and take down my mileage. When he re-emerged, he gave me a weird look. "You don't drive this one very much, do you?!" he laughed. Nope, I replied. Not much. He nodded when I said I'd had it for six months and drove off in my little grey baby. It felt a little weird as no one had ever driven my car before. Oh sure, someone had drove it off the transport and moved it in the lot but when I took it for a test drive, it had 4 KM on it. FOUR!

At first I was taken aback at the thought of having to shell out a wad of cash every six months for something I likely didn't need. Then, I started thinking about resale (should I ever decide to trade it in or sell it) - having records of all the regularly scheduled maintenance, checkups and oil changes would be beneficial. However, I've said from the beginning that I'm planning on driving this little bad boy until it falls apart and I'm aiming for 15 good years of driving. So, six months from now, I STILL likely won't be at 6000 KMs but I'll be pulling into the service bay once more and will gladly put up with the laughter coming from the mechanics.


Eugene K said...

This reminds me I'm due for an oil change!

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