And 2018 Begins...

Tuesday, January 02, 2018
Its the start of another New Year which means I've gotten the blogging bug again - sort of. It hasn't hit full force yet but the itch is beginning to ... well ... itch. Normally, at this time of year, I lie to y'all and tell you how I'm not going to make any resolutions and then proceed to list a bunch of things I'm going to try and "work on" instead of calling them resolutions. Po-TAY-to, Po-TAH-to. Screw the usual getting in shape, eating better, cutting back on the Coca-Cola, etc. We all know I'm not serious about any of that.This year instead I'm trying to be a happier person. 

I'm a news junkie, mainly CNN and MSNBC with some CBC thrown in for Canadian content requirements and the occasional local newscast for good measure. As the majority of news, regardless of source, seems to focus on Donald Trump, his actions and his goddamned tweets these days, I get quite agitated at times. For my own sanity, I need to let go or at least cut back. To help save myself and my sanity, I've already blocked him on Twitter. Yeah, that's right. I blocked HIM. This also means when anyone I follow who retweets one of his tweets, it says the Donald's tweet is unavailable. Small victories.

I'm also going to try and have more patience. I don't like to repeat myself. Not a good quality in someone who has been told they mumble. I also get easily frustrated when other people can't grasp what I think are simple concepts. Like using a TV remote. Because my mother and I share an apartment and we spend a good deal of our time together, she usually bears the brunt of my lack of patience. I promise I will TRY my best to not get annoyed so easily with her. 

Those are the big things. Nothing too major but important to me this year.


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